Emergency service agencies are constantly looking for new technologies to get the word out about major events affecting residents. But when it comes to the monsoons in Arizona, old technology is still the most trusted.
July 21, 2017
The U.S. Border Patrol is about to begin a hiring surge for thousands of agents and it’s planning to spend millions of dollars to bring them on board.
Tribal headstone
The Pioneer Cemetery is the final resting place for 400 explorers, scientists and Native Americans who made the Grand Canyon what it is today. And after almost a century, it’s at capacity. No more new plots. Some people aren’t too happy about that.
Rick Perry
Secretary of energy Rick Perry will visit Mexico City today. Mexico and the U.S. have a tight energy relationship.
border crossing in the southwest
Immigration advocates filed a class action lawsuit Wednesday alleging that the Trump administration is violating the law by turning away people seeking asylum at the U.S-Mexico border.
Huey Tzompantli
Archaeologists have unearthed some hidden treasures in downtown Mexico City from the Aztec era and from the period when the United States invaded Mexico.
Margarita Garfias cares for her son Carlos Antonio in their middle-class neighborhood in Mexico City
Mexico's congress and President Enrique Peña Nieto have approved a law delegating the Health Ministry to write rules for the medical use of marijuana by the end of the year.
The top two security officials from the U.S. met with Mexico's president on Wednesday
The top two security officials from the United States visited Mexico City on Wednesday and met with President Enrique Peña Nieto to discuss how to address transnational organized crime, regional security and economic cooperation.
mexico flag
Mexican officials are being urged to push for an ambitious upgrade of the North American Free Trade Agreement.
Experts say total dependency on employers — which provide food, shelter and transportation — leads to isolation, making workers vulnerable to abuse. Demand for migrant farmworkers has grown in recent years and stretched government resources to oversee the H-2A program.
Kingman Fire Department truck
A fire in Kingman destroyed six homes Sunday night.
Goodwin Fire
Hundreds of Goodwin Fire evacuees have been allowed to go home, while others are waiting for firefighters to mop up hot spots. As of Sunday night, the 27,000-acre fire was 75 percent contained
The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Prescott Valley man June 30 for operating a drone while firefighters worked to contain the Goodwin Fire.
The Trump administration announced Thursday that immigration agents will begin targeting people in the U.S. who’ve paid for Central American children to be smuggled into the country.