One of the leading contenders in the Navajo presidential election this November might be kicked out of the race later this week.
September 22, 2014
Immigrant detainees in Artesia, New Mexico will now video teleconference with judges in Denver which puts the two parties in the same time zone.
September 23, 2014
The Grand Canyon National Park is reducing and postponing several programs at the park in order to pay off a huge debt. All park staff will be affected in one form or another by these cutbacks.
Leaders and policy analysts from both sides of the border gathered in Phoenix to talk about the future of the US-Mexico relationship.
Jose, 16, tried to make it to the United States twice this summer but was caught both times in Mexico. Now back in El Salvador, he is trying to keep a low profile.
Many Navajo voters complained a presidential candidate should not be eligible to run for office because he doesn’t speak Navajo fluently. But the tribe’s election officials have dismissed these grievances.
Criminal charges will not be filed against a Border Patrol agent who shot and killed an unarmed man suspected of drug smuggling last May.
The Navajo Nation requires its presidential candidates to speak fluent Navajo. One of the two candidates who won last month’s primary admits that he doesn't.
In June the U.S. Border Patrol caught more than 10,600 children traveling alone along the southern border. By the end of July only about half that many were apprehended. The numbers continued to drop in August.
The film stars Eva Longoria, Michael Peña and Ed Harris, and was written by two Arizona natives.
A man and a woman in Phoenix have been arrested on kidnapping charges for allegedly holding a boy from Honduras hostage.
The tiny nation of El Salvador is scrambling to receive thousands of children deported from Mexico back to their home country. In coming months, more children are anticipated to arrive, this time deported from the U.S.
The Grand Canyon is a place of breathtaking beauty and environmental, educational and science programs. But park officials are making widespread cuts to those programs, and the reasons why are complicated.
Last month a plane landed in El Salvador carrying women and children deported from a New Mexico detention facility. But a day later, lawyers filed a lawsuit alleging women held there were denied due process.
The author and reporter, best known for his work centered on the U.S.-Mexico border, died at home in Las Cruces, N.M.