The town of Douglas, on the Arizona-Mexico border, recently lost its hospital and the ripple effect is evident: job loss, emergency services overwhelmed, and people worried about their safety.
September 01, 2015
When Hurricane Katrina stranded 800 people at the historic Fairmont Hotel in downtown New Orleans, head pastry chef Thierry Marceaux sent up hundreds of chocolate truffles to the guest rooms. Those where his last days working at the century-old landmark.
August 26, 2015
More than 500 bus drivers and mechanics from Tucson’s public transportation system Sun Tran continue to strike. It's now the longest on record at 16 days on Friday. The workers’ union held a rally, while residents prepared for another weekend without bus service.
The Navajo Nation is investigating what appears to be oil in the water tanks the Environmental Protection Agency delivered for the tribe’s crops and livestock.
Murals created from photographic images of Navajo people appear on water towers, roadside stands, even abandoned houses. Until recently, the artist wanted to remain anonymous.
Three men affiliated with a militia group in Arizona have been charged with stealing drugs in the same manner long used by crews who rob smugglers. The trio’s leader had told U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents he wanted to help stop illegal activities at the border.
The Department of Homeland Security has received increasing scrutiny of its immigrant detention centers, including several in Arizona operated by different DHS agencies.
Navajo farmers met with EPA emergency responders Wednesday to air their frustrations. Last week the EPA unintentionally spilled 3 million gallons of yellow mine waste into the Animas and San Juan Rivers, a main water source for the Navajo.
The U.S. government started a program last year that enables children in some Central American countries to be admitted to the U.S. as refugees.
Federal prosecutors in Tucson entered a plea deal on Monday with one of the men charged in the 2010 murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Terry was part of an elite task force when he was killed north of Nogales, Arizona.
The Navajo farming authority has shut down irrigation for the rest of the season because of its concerns over contamination.
The Navajo president has threatened to sue the EPA over the Colorado mine spill. Federal and tribal officials are setting up potable water stations and alerting communities to the contamination, as the toxic waste is making its way through the reservation.
Close to a thousand people made a run for the border this weekend in El Paso, Texas but none were chased by the Border Patrol. That's because they were running an international race from the United States into Mexico.
The EPA unintentionally released about a million gallons of yellow sludge from a Colorado mine into the Animas River Thursday. Officials downstream blasted the agency for not initially taking the spill more seriously.
Rosa Robles is an unauthorized immigrant from Mexico who has been in sanctuary in a Tucson church for a year on Friday. The U.S. government has said Rosa is not a priority for deportation, but her lawyer said it is not safe for her to leave.