Senior Field Correspondent Jude Joffe-Block (Phoenix) caught the radio bug while assisting a radio reporter in Mexico, and has been happiest wearing headphones and pointing microphones ever since. She initiated Fronteras Desk coverage in Las Vegas as the project's first Senior Field Correspondent there. She then joined the Phoenix newsroom in July 2012.

Previously, she contributed stories on immigration and criminal justice to KALW in San Francisco and multimedia content in both Spanish and English to The Associated Press in Mexico.

Joffe-Block is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and Yale University, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Mexico.

Contact her at 480-774-8238, or follow her on Twitter: @judejoffeblock.

Title Author Publication Date
Former Police Chief Testifies He Lied Under Oath Due To FLDS Church Pressure Jude Joffe-Block February 04, 2016
Court Testimony Gives Look At Life Inside Polygamous Church Community Jude Joffe-Block January 28, 2016
Former FLDS Church Spokesman Testifies In Trial Against Towns Jude Joffe-Block January 26, 2016
Officers' Letters Of Support For Fugitive FLDS Leader Presented In Court Jude Joffe-Block January 21, 2016
At Start Of Trial Against FLDS Towns, Both Sides Claim Religious Discrimination Jude Joffe-Block January 20, 2016
Sisters Raised In FLDS Church Question Justice Department Trial Jude Joffe-Block January 20, 2016
Federal Trial Will Examine Power Dynamics Of Polygamous Towns Jude Joffe-Block January 19, 2016
Tucson Lawyer Who Sued Arizona-Utah Towns For Discrimination Looks Ahead To DOJ Trial Jude Joffe-Block January 18, 2016
Advocates, Religious Leaders Denounce Immigration Raids Jude Joffe-Block January 07, 2016
Immigrant Deportation Numbers Decrease Jude Joffe-Block December 22, 2015
Democrats Tap DREAMers To Win The Latino Vote Jude Joffe-Block December 21, 2015
Phoenix Embarks On New Partnerships With Mexico Jude Joffe-Block November 30, 2015
Veterans In Phoenix Help Afghan Interpreter Settle Into A New Life Jude Joffe-Block November 24, 2015
Report Criticizes Inspection Process At Eloy Immigrant Detention Facility Jude Joffe-Block October 26, 2015
Artist’s Vision Is To Make US-Mexico Border Fence Appear To Disappear Jude Joffe-Block October 12, 2015
Testimony: Arpaio Ignored Advice To Abandon Informant's Investigation Jude Joffe-Block October 09, 2015
Arpaio Claims Judge Was A Victim In Alleged Bank Fraud Scheme Jude Joffe-Block October 02, 2015
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Questioned On Internal Affairs, Confidential Informant Jude Joffe-Block October 01, 2015
Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Former Lawyer Expected To Testify This Week Jude Joffe-Block September 27, 2015
MCSO Contempt Of Court Hearings Underway In Phoenix Jude Joffe-Block September 25, 2015
Chief Deputy: Sheriff’s Office Paid $250K For Informant’s Secret Investigation Jude Joffe-Block September 25, 2015
Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Contempt Of Court Case Resumes – What You Need To Know Jude Joffe-Block September 24, 2015
Advocates: ICE Violating Due Process During Family Detention Release Jude Joffe-Block July 27, 2015
Judge Orders US Marshals To Seize MCSO Records Jude Joffe-Block July 24, 2015
Banamex USA Bank To Pay $140 Million Fine And Shut Down Jude Joffe-Block July 23, 2015