Senior Field Correspondent Jude Joffe-Block (Phoenix) caught the radio bug while assisting a radio reporter in Mexico, and has been happiest wearing headphones and pointing microphones ever since. She initiated Fronteras Desk coverage in Las Vegas as the project's first Senior Field Correspondent there. She then joined the Phoenix newsroom in July 2012.

Previously, she contributed stories on immigration and criminal justice to KALW in San Francisco and multimedia content in both Spanish and English to The Associated Press in Mexico.

Joffe-Block is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism and Yale University, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Mexico.

Contact her at 480-774-8238, or follow her on Twitter: @judejoffeblock.

Title Author Publication Date
Arpaio To End Controversial Worksite Raids Jude Joffe-Block December 18, 2014
Arizona DREAMers Can Get Driver's Licenses Starting Monday Jude Joffe-Block December 18, 2014
Trial Set In Rare Border Rape Case Prosecuted In Arizona Court Jude Joffe-Block December 15, 2014
Border Advocates Say Racial Profiling Rules Fall Short Jude Joffe-Block December 09, 2014
Border Patrol Wants More Women To Join Its Ranks Jude Joffe-Block December 03, 2014
Arizona DREAMers Could Be Close To Getting Driver's Licenses Jude Joffe-Block November 24, 2014
Federal Judge Hears Arguments Challenging Arpaio's Worksite Raids Jude Joffe-Block October 17, 2014
Rights Group: Screening For Asylum Seekers Is Flawed Jude Joffe-Block October 16, 2014
Lawyer Arrested At SB1070 Protest Looks To Continue Lawsuit Against Maricopa County Jude Joffe-Block October 08, 2014
El Salvador Tries To Rein In Crime With Community Policing Jude Joffe-Block October 07, 2014
US Seeks To Curb Central American Child Exodus With Youth Programs Jude Joffe-Block October 06, 2014
Program To Give Refugee Status To Central American Children Jude Joffe-Block September 30, 2014
Guadalupe Mayor Asks For Apology From MCSO Jude Joffe-Block September 25, 2014
Court-Appointed Monitor To Hold Community Meeting In Guadalupe Jude Joffe-Block September 24, 2014
CBP Announces New Use-Of-Force Protocols Jude Joffe-Block September 18, 2014
Man Accused Of Raping Migrant Girl Pleads Guilty Jude Joffe-Block September 17, 2014
Arizona Forum Addresses US-Mexico Relations Jude Joffe-Block September 12, 2014
The Day After Deportation: Salvadoran Teen Returns To The Town He Fled Jude Joffe-Block September 12, 2014
Movie Examines Illegal Immigration On Arizona Border Jude Joffe-Block September 05, 2014
Smuggled Honduran Boy Rescued From Phoenix Apartment Jude Joffe-Block September 03, 2014
Deported Families Return To El Salvador And An Uncertain Future Jude Joffe-Block September 02, 2014
More Women, Children Deported From US To El Salvador Jude Joffe-Block August 21, 2014
El Salvador Tries To Address Violence With Community Policing Jude Joffe-Block August 20, 2014
Child Migrant Crisis Prompts Some To Open Their Homes Jude Joffe-Block August 15, 2014
Child Migrants Transition From Shelters To A Life In Limbo Jude Joffe-Block August 13, 2014