Senior Field Correspondent Mónica Ortiz Uribe (Las Cruces) is a native of El Paso, Texas, where she recently worked as a freelance reporter. Her work has aired on NPR, Public Radio International and Radio Bilingue. Most of her stories examined the effects of drug-related violence across the border in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

Previously, she worked as a reporter for the Waco Tribune Herald in Waco, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a degree in history.

Follow her on Twitter: @mortizuribe

Title Author Publication Date
New Mexico's Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Worker's Compensation For Farm Workers Mónica Ortiz Uribe June 30, 2016
Supreme Court Ruling On Abortion Regulation Impacts Texas Border Region Mónica Ortiz Uribe June 27, 2016
Used Cars Create A Backlog At The Border Mónica Ortiz Uribe June 24, 2016
Colonia Residents Seek Solutions To Hazardous Roads Mónica Ortiz Uribe June 22, 2016
Mexico Plans To Extradite US Murder Suspect Mónica Ortiz Uribe June 14, 2016
The Catwalk Trail Reopens In Southern New Mexico After Flood Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 30, 2016
Customs Officer Convicted Of Taking Bribes To Cross Immigrants Into US Illegally Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 25, 2016
Texas Border Protection Officer Accused Of Smuggling Immigrants Into US Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 25, 2016
Customs Officers Accused Of Abuse In ACLU Complaint Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 17, 2016
Thousands Of Cuban Immigrants Traveling From Panama To El Paso Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 17, 2016
Police Play Key Role In Mexico's Judicial Reform Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 13, 2016
Politics Interferes With Justice In Mexico Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 12, 2016
Mexican Peso Remains Low Despite A Strong Economy Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 11, 2016
Mexican Family Protests Father's Prison Death As Unjust Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 11, 2016
Mexico Is On the Brink Of Transforming Its Justice System Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 10, 2016
Federal Judge Moves 'El Chapo' Guzman Closer to Extradition Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 09, 2016
Mexicos Notorious Drug Lord 'El Chapo' Guzman Moved To Juárez Prison Mónica Ortiz Uribe May 09, 2016
Lexmark Settles With Juárez Factory Workers Mónica Ortiz Uribe April 12, 2016
New Mexico Ready To Begin Infrastructure Improvement At Los Alamos National Lab Mónica Ortiz Uribe April 05, 2016
Pianist Finds A Musical Refuge In Mexico's Copper Canyon Mónica Ortiz Uribe March 29, 2016
Mexican Factory Union Postpones Strike In Favor Of Negotiations Mónica Ortiz Uribe March 22, 2016
Mexican Factory Workers Accuse State Authorities Of Favoring Corporate Interests Mónica Ortiz Uribe March 21, 2016
Federal Detention Facility In West Texas Called Out After Inmates Complain Of Inhumane Treatment Mónica Ortiz Uribe March 16, 2016
Mexicans Express Disappointment, Concern At Trump's Super Tuesday Wins Mónica Ortiz Uribe March 02, 2016
Mexico Pays Off Five-Year Water Debt To US Mónica Ortiz Uribe February 24, 2016