Lorne Matalon is the Fronteras reporter based in Marfa, Texas at Marfa Public Radio. He began reporting from Latin America in 2007 where he was based in Mexico City for The World, a co-production of the BBC World Service, Public Radio International and NPR member station WGBH, Boston.

Previously he was at NPR member stations WUNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina  and WBUR, Boston. During that time he filed for NPR from Haiti and Mongolia. Prior to working at WBUR, Lorne was a television reporter in Boston and before that at CBC Television where he reported from Canada, the U.S., Brazil and Cuba. Lorne is a contributor to National Geographic's online news service, where he has filed from Panama, Mongolia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. His articles and photographs have appeared in the Boston Globe, the San Diego Union-Tribune, La Recherche (Paris) and The World Today (London) a publication of the international affairs organization Chatham House. He has produced several television documentaries, among them Brazil: Amazon War, Sudan: Freedom for Sale and Guantanamo.

twitter @matalon.

Title Author Publication Date
Mexico Forbids Drug Lord's Extradition Even As Negotiations With US Continue Lorne Matalon April 24, 2014
Congress Challenges President On National Parks Lorne Matalon April 11, 2014
Confrontation In Arizona Between Mexican Soldiers, Border Patrol Confirmed Lorne Matalon April 04, 2014
Drug Smuggling Twist: Innocent Mexicans Allegedly Duped By Mennonite Suspect Lorne Matalon April 03, 2014
West Texas Energy Boom A Threat To Astronomy Lorne Matalon March 19, 2014
Money Laundering Cartel Associates Convicted In Conspiracy To Bribe US Judge Lorne Matalon March 14, 2014
Border Patrol Refines Tactics For Rock-Throwing Attacks Lorne Matalon March 13, 2014
Rail Design Linking Mexico, Texas Unveiled Lorne Matalon March 07, 2014
Mexico Looking For US Help In Fracking Along The Border Lorne Matalon March 07, 2014
Mexico Rail Link To Texas On Track For 2015 Construction Lorne Matalon January 30, 2014
Support For Marijuana Law Reform Creates Strange Bedfellows Lorne Matalon January 24, 2014
Peña Nieto, US Condemn Texas Execution Of Mexican Citizen Lorne Matalon January 24, 2014
Supreme Court Rejects Last-Minute Appeal For Mexican Executed In Texas Lorne Matalon January 23, 2014
Mexico City Police Arrest Former Anti-Money Laundering Czar For Extortion Lorne Matalon January 23, 2014
Bloomberg Editorial: Legal US Pot Won’t Translate Into Peace In Mexico Lorne Matalon January 22, 2014
Mexico To Texas: The Risk In Illegal Trade Of Prescription Medicine Lorne Matalon January 15, 2014
Pancho Villa And Modern Mexico: Chihuahua Legislature Convenes In Ojinaga Lorne Matalon January 13, 2014
Border State Of Chihuahua Was Mexico's Most Violent In 2013 Lorne Matalon January 06, 2014
Fast And Furious Gun Found At Puerto Peñasco Shootout Scene Lorne Matalon January 02, 2014
Mexico's US Ambassador: NAFTA Needs Improvement 20 Years On Lorne Matalon January 02, 2014
Paisanos Returning Home Checked Before Leaving U.S. Lorne Matalon December 24, 2013
Oil Lobby Speaks Out Against Ban On Crude Oil Exports Lorne Matalon December 23, 2013
Second Borderland Texas Government Rejects Drone Testing Lorne Matalon December 19, 2013
Forbes Releases List Of 10 Most Corrupt Mexicans In 2013 Lorne Matalon December 19, 2013
End To Mexico Oil Monopoly Will Bolster Boom In North American Crude Lorne Matalon December 17, 2013