Lorne Matalon is the Fronteras reporter based in Marfa, Texas at Marfa Public Radio. He began reporting from Latin America in 2007 where he was based in Mexico City for The World, a co-production of the BBC World Service, Public Radio International and NPR member station WGBH, Boston.

Previously he was at NPR member stations WUNC, Chapel Hill, North Carolina  and WBUR, Boston. During that time he filed for NPR from Haiti and Mongolia. Prior to working at WBUR, Matalon was a television reporter in Boston and at CBC Television where he reported from Canada, the U.S., Brazil and Cuba. He has filed from Panama, Mongolia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina for National Geographic's online news service. His articles and photographs have appeared in the Boston Globe, the San Diego Union-Tribune, ReVista, published by Harvard's Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, La Recherche (Paris) and The World Today (London) a publication of the international affairs organization Chatham House. He has produced several television documentaries, among them Brazil: Amazon War, Sudan: Freedom for Sale and Guantanamo.

Follow him on Twitter: @matalon.

Title Author Publication Date
Theft In The Oilfields Of Texas, New Mexico Traced To Borderland Mexico Lorne Matalon February 25, 2015
Texas County Refuses To Accept Federal Checkpoint Drug Cases Lorne Matalon February 23, 2015
Solar Arrives In Mexico Border Town, Could Be Key To Rural Economy Restart Lorne Matalon February 10, 2015
House Postpones Contentious Border Bill Indefinitely Lorne Matalon January 28, 2015
Mexico Consulates Issue Birth Certificates To Undocumented Migrants In The US Lorne Matalon January 26, 2015
Border Drones: CBP Rejects Negative Audit As Congress Debates Funding Bill Lorne Matalon January 21, 2015
Iguala Murders Present A Slight Opening For Mexican Border Media Lorne Matalon January 13, 2015
Mexico: Challenge To Police Reform Lorne Matalon January 02, 2015
Mexico Marks Día De La Revolución: Patriotism, Protest And Revulsion Lorne Matalon November 21, 2014
Court Ruling In Texas Case May Set Precedent Against Border Patrol Lorne Matalon November 13, 2014
Tracking Mountain Lions In Texas: Study Suggests Population Is Stable Lorne Matalon October 30, 2014
A River In Peril: Documenting Damage On The Rio Grande Lorne Matalon October 27, 2014
Rep. Beto O'Rourke: Economic Aid For Juárez Imperative For United States Lorne Matalon October 16, 2014
Reclaiming Lost Land: US, Mexico Ranchers Tracking Texas Experiment Lorne Matalon October 10, 2014
Mexico Energy Reform: Border Pipeline Challenge In Chihuahua Lorne Matalon October 06, 2014
Mexico Energy Reform Spawns Formal Binational Partnership On Border Lorne Matalon September 25, 2014
The Political Calculus: National Guard On The Texas Border Lorne Matalon August 01, 2014
The Lesser Of Two Evils: Riding La Bestia Lorne Matalon July 30, 2014
Texas Border Fracking Standoff: NY Court Ruling May Affect Outcome Lorne Matalon July 25, 2014
Dark Energy And The Expansion Of The Universe: New McDonald Observatory Director Leads Experiment For Answers Lorne Matalon July 22, 2014
Making Deals With Informants: US Visas And The Juárez War Lorne Matalon July 16, 2014
USDA Changes Border Policy, Agents Return To Mexican Inspection Pens Lorne Matalon July 15, 2014
Close Calls: A River Rescue In Texas Lorne Matalon July 08, 2014
The Solar Challenge In Texas: Lessons Learned From Arizona, California Lorne Matalon June 30, 2014
FBI Launches Criminal Investigation Of VA Lorne Matalon June 11, 2014