Mexican Graffiti Artist Creates Stunning Mural In Juarez Skatepark
Minoz, a Mexico City street artist, spray paints the beginning lines of his portrait. Credit: Juxtapoz Magazine
February 20, 2013

Minoz is a Mexico City graffiti artist whose work focuses on realism. He and his frequent collaborator Meiz began painting graffiti together at 14 years old.

Minoz y Meiz told Juxtapoz a few years ago, "We have a desire to acknowledge the existence of individual people in their world through large-scale paintings on their streets."

Minoz recently visited a skate park in Ciudad Juarez and painted an amazing mural of an infant.

Juxtapoz captures how the mural transformed from his notebook and onto the concrete.

Minoz, a prolific street artist from Mexico City, paints a sprawling infant across a Ciudad Juarez skate park. Credit: Juxtapoz Magazine