Social Media Helping Spread Awareness Of Missing Tijuana Woman
By Diana Crofts-Pelayo
September 07, 2012

It has been nearly a week since a Tijuana woman's disappearance and social media is helping search for answers.

Translated: "We need your help to find Magaly Salazar. 23 years old, height: 1.68m with wavy long black hair. She had on black athletic pants, a pink shirt and tennis shoes when she went missing. The last time she was seen was on Saturday, September 1 on 5 and 10 St. (in Tijuana) at 1:30 p.m., since then no one knows of her. If you have information please call the phone numbers below."

Magaly Salazar, 23, a former psychology student at Cesun University in Tijuana, has not been seen since Saturday afternoon. Although her family is not speaking to the media, a classmate called her a bright and responsible woman.

Pictures of Salazar have been circulating on Facebook and Twitter since she disappeared. Some are warning on social media sites that young women are being targeted south of the San Diego border.

Below is the message in Spanish being distributed on social media sites.


Chicas, les aviso que esta pasando algo muy fuerte...Se están robando jóvenes universitarias de entre 18 y 28 años para trata de blancas, en lugares públicos, y en horarios escolares muy temprano, a medio día y en las tardes, hasta hoy van 8 desaparecidas todas en tijuana y todas de universidades como cesun, univer, cetys etc. Es similar a lo que paso en cd. juarez. Tengan mucho cuidado y procuren no andar solas. COPY & PASTE en tu wall.”


“Attention Tijuana!

Girls, I am warning you that something serious is happening… Young university-aged women are being kidnapped between 18 and 28 years old for slave-trade, in public areas, and early school hours, at noon and in the afternoons. Until now, eight women have disappeared in Tijuana and universities like CESUN, UNIVER, CETYS, etc. It’s similar to what has been happening in Ciudad Juarez. Be careful and make sure to not be alone. COPY & PASTE on your wall.”

Ixchel Leilany Domínguez Carrillo went missing with her friend, Christy Alejandra Uribe Ortiz, in Ensenada on August 31. Their bodies were found in Ensenada Tuesday with bullet wounds to the head.
Christy Alejandra Uribe Ortiz went missing with her friend, Ixchel Leilany Domínguez Carrillo, in Ensenada on August 31. Their bodies were found in Ensenada Tuesday with bullet wounds to the head.

It is unclear where the announcement originated.

According to Mexican media, the body of a woman wrapped in a blanked was recently found near the city of Tecate. She is estimated to be between 20 and 25 years old in an advanced state of decomposition.

Two young friends from Ensenada who went missing on August 31 were found dead there this week. Pictures of Ixchel Leilany Domínguez Carrillo and Christy Alejandra Uribe Ortiz were also circulated on social media websites.

Mexican authorities have told the press there is no need to panic. They say the incidents are not linked.

Magaly’s classmate, who wished to remain anonymous, said women in Tijuana should be aware of their surroundings.

Mexican police officials did not return calls requesting information and comment.

The activist organization Conciencia Juvenil will hold a march in Tijuana this Saturday to raise awareness about women's disappearances.