Immigration Detention Centers Called Gulags
November 16, 2012

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- A number of United States immigration detention centers are in such bad condition that they need to be shut down, according to a new report from the Detention Watch Network.

Detention Watch points out 10 facilities, including two privately run detention units in Texas and one in Arizona, that are “an affront to human dignity."

“What should be a short term flexible way to monitor immigrants going through court proceedings has turning into an immigration gulag," said Andrea Black, the executive director of Detention Watch Network.

Black said the conditions are so bad they can’t be fixed; instead, the organization called on the Obama administration to immediately to terminate contracts with these facilities and shut them down.

Detention Watch said there are problems with lack of food, inadequate medical care and overcrowding.

Every year Immigrations and Customs Enforcement incarcerates more than 400,000 immigrants.