Private Spaceport In New Mexico Nears Completion
The dedication of the Virgin Galactic Gateway in Spaceport America, New Mexico, October 17, 2011. Gov. Susana Martinez and Virgin Galactic owner Richard Branson.
Mark Greenberg
March 26, 2012

Spaceport America, the commercial space flight venture in southern New Mexico, is wrapping up plans for its final phase of construction.

Included in those plans are three visitor centers that will be open to the general public. One visitor center will be in Hatch, the second in Truth or Consequences and the third will be on site at the spaceport. Visitors who cannot afford the actual space flight will be able to experience a simulated flight at the main welcome center.

The company behind Spaceport America is Virgin Galactic, owned by British billionaire Richard Branson. The cost of a flight is $200,000 and includes about 5 minutes of weightlessness in sub-orbital space. So far 500 tickets have sold - including one to actor

Support for this project comes from the

Ford Foundation