No Drinking In Mexico -- It's Election Weekend
June 29, 2012

The Border And The Mexican Ballot

More from the Fronteras Desk journalists who reported along the border about impact the Mexican elections will have on the U.S.

HERMOSILLO, SONORA, Mex. -- In honor of Mexico's elections this weekend, most of the country will ban alcohol sales.

It's up to each state to decide if "la ley seca" or "the dry law" lasts one day or two. In the state of Sonora, head of inspections Dora Maria Tapia, head of inspections says it will be against the law to sell alcohol starting the first minute of Saturday and lasting until the final minute of Sunday night.

"We're trying to promote a way of voting that's peaceful," she said in Spanish. "And where people have all five senses intact."

The law applies equally to Mexican citizens and tourists, though some areas highly impacted by tourism are exempted from the dry law including part of Mazatlan and Baja, California. Puerto PeƱasco, a popular destination for visitors from Arizona and California, will be dry.