As the new school year starts, a Las Vegas middle school is trying to keep up with a flood of immigrant and refugee students, known as "Newcomers", who don’t speak English.
September 15, 2011
Everyday life has changed since 9/11. The most obvious sign of that might be in the front flap of your wallet. Most state driver’s licenses have changed dramatically. One reporter shares what she went through to get a new one.
September 09, 2011
In this economy, retirement plans can unravel when adult children lose jobs, and there are grandchildren to support. In the finale of our multimedia series, more and more seniors are finding their golden years are more crowded than they expected.
September 01, 2011
Senior officials in the Obama administration pledged their support for renewable energy at the recent National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas. But some federal dollars that subsidize the budding industry are running out, and other funds are under threat.
August 31, 2011
Schools across the Southwest are opening this month with smaller budgets and fewer resources, forcing districts to come up with creative ways to make up for huge monetary losses.
August 11, 2011
Undocumented immigrant activists from Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah recently gathered in Las Vegas to learn tools to keep their campaign for the Dream Act alive. Though there is not much hope for passage in the near future, they continue to organize. In the process, they are coming out openly about their undocumented status.
August 04, 2011
The FDA has just approved an antivenom that is effective against potentially deadly scorpion bites, which are common throughout the Southwest. It is believed to be the first time the regulatory agency approves a scorpion antivenom.
August 03, 2011
Antivenom is dangerously low or exhausted in many parts of the U.S. In the first part of a series looking at this public health issue, it turns out the solution may be a drug from Mexico credited with saving lives throughout the Southwest "Venom Belt."
July 31, 2011
The Democratic National Committee's debut political commercial for the 2012 campaign season is in Spanish. It is a response to a Spanish ad put out earlier this week by a Republican leaning group.
July 22, 2011
The ongoing negotiations in Washington over the national debt ceiling have sparked a new wave of political ads. Republican groups, including one founded by Karl Rove, are trying to get their message out in both English and Spanish.
July 21, 2011


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