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In the spirit of binational solidarity, Baja California's governor and tourism secretary and Tijuana's mayor attended California Governor Jerry Brown's swearing-in ceremony. The Baja California contingent met briefly with Brown afterward.
At a community center high in the rough western hills of Juarez, Lupe sits on a worn love seat inside a small counseling room. Outside, a harsh wind splats desert sand against the window pane. Out of safety concerns, she doesn't want to be identified by her last name. Lupe agreed to meet at the center; she doesn't feel safe talking in her neighborhood, where her son was killed last summer.
By late this week, nearly a million Mexican citizens will drive south on America's highways, headed home for the holidays. The Mexican government will be at the border waiting for them with open arms and beefed-up security. For good reason: the travelers come flush with cash and gifts.
Data from the 2010 Census show the Southwest grew more than any other region in the country.
The US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms wants to monitor the sale of semi-automatic weapons in states along the U.S.-Mexico border to help control drug cartel violence.
Federal authorities are staying quiet about the killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent Tuesday night. Meanwhile, Homeland Security officials have arrived in southern Arizona but won't publicly address the agent's murder.
A giant solar plant by NTR's Tessera Solar runs into major roadblocks. The injunction is a victory for the Quechan tribe, which has opposed the project for years.
Officials in Southern Arizona are searching for a suspect in the killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent. The Tucson Sector agent was shot late Tuesday night after a confrontation with suspected illegal migrants.
A manhunt is underway Wednesday for a suspect who fatally shot a Border Patrol agent near Nogales, Arizona.
As deportations of undocumented immigrants have increased over the last year, so has the separation of mothers from their kids. But for many women, that reality is pushing them into an endless cycle of illegal border crossings and deportations.
US federal Authorities are trying out a new tactic in their hunt for subterranean drug smuggling tunnels near the border in San Diego. Authorities are going door-to-door to ask business owners to keep their heads up for underground activity.
The diplomatic missives released by Wikileaks last week show that the U.S. was quietly dismayed by Mexico's inability to dismantle its powerful cartels. But they also give deeper insight into the role that U.S. intelligence has played in Mexico - and some concern that rival political parties can change that.
Even as the U.S. government publicly celebrated Mexico's operations against the cartels, State Department officials quietly expressed concern over its failings. Government cables released by Wikileaks this week show a drug war in tatters.
Tijuana's controversial ex-police chief has been named second in command of public security for the state of Baja California. He was appointed despite pending torture charges.
A new military general is in charge in the border city of Tijuana. Gilberto Laderos Briseño is replacing the general many credit with helping rescue the city from drug violence.